The Invincibles Team

4-6th of September 2009

On Friday, the 4th of September, there will take place the second edition of the largest extreme sports festival in Romania, organised by H2O with the support of Constanta City Hall. The Invincibles Team is announced to be a huge success from all points of view, mainly because of the prizes valued at 30.000 euro in cash and products. During the 3 days ( 4th, 5th, and 6th of September ), all extreme sports lovers will have the chance to see in action important riders from all the 7 sports present this year at The Invincibles: bmx, bike trial, dirt jumping, skateboarding, role, climbing and mountainboarding dirt jump, the latter being an absolute premiere in Romania.

Also, H2O has put 4 buses at the romanian riders disposal, to facilitate the transport to Constanta. These buses will be running on the following routes: Bus 1: Satu Mare - Baia Mare - Cluj - Tg Mures - Brasov - Bucuresti – Constanta; Bus 2: Oradea - Arad - Timisoara - Sibiu - Pitesti - Bucuresti – Constanta; Bus 3: Suceava - Iasi - Bacau - Focsani - Buzau - Braila – Constanta; Bus 4: Bucuresti – Constanta.

As for the music that will be played at the festival, it will be coordinated by Tralala Events and those that will be present are: from Romania - Suie Paparude, Zicu & UFE, Loriko (live drums), Manki'n'Stieb, Bully, Fresh the Funkster, Various Artists; from the UK - DJ Fu (Jungle Drummer/Script MC), MC Zani (UK Beatbox Champion 2009), DJ Matman.

This event has been organised by H2O, with the support of Constanta City Hall.





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