Kids' Skate Day

Saturday, 28th of May 2011

This weekend there's a skate contest in Gravity Park! Kids' Skate Day will take place on Saturday, 11.06.2011 starting at 13.00. This event addresses all the youngsters aged below 18-years-old that are practicing skateboarding. Kids’ Skate Day will have 3 contest categories: an open competition where riders will be judged based on trick difficulty, style and flow, a best trick competition and a game of skate competition.

The sponsors of Kids’ Skate Day are Area52, Eroilor Mafia and KickBack.

Event organised by the local skaters with the support of Gravity Park Constanta.

The winners of the skate contest are:

1st Place: Adrian Culetu; 2nd Place: Floris Guna; 3rd Place: Alex (Pici)

The winners of the best trick contest are:

1st Place: Deacu Marius; 2nd place: Mirea Ionut

The winners of game of skate contest:

1st Place: Adrian Culetu; 2nd place: Guna Floris




gravity park kids skate day 2011