East Coast Rolling

Saturday, 28th of May 2011

East Coast Rolling, the rollerblading contest organised by the local riders, is now at its 5th edition ! This year, riders from all over the country have announced their presence.We invite you to come at this competition with some of the best riders from Romania which will take place this weekend, on Saturday 28th of May 2011, in Gravity Park at 14.00. All riders can enlist in the competition starting from 12:30. After the event everyone is invited to the afterparty which will take place at the Constanta Exhibition Pavilion located on Mamaia Boulevard, next to Malibu Hotel.

Sponsors: Hedonskate, Razors, Grindhouse, Be-Mag, Ambiance, Remz, Jug, Ground Control

Media partners: Replica, Prima TV, Constanteanul

This event has been organised by the local riders, with the support of Constanta City Hall.

The winners of the 5th Edition East Coast Rolling are:

1st Place: Mihai Militaru (Mili); 2nd Place: Alexandru Gheorfi (Pustiu); 3rd Place: Moise Valentin (Baloo);

Best Rookie: Casuneanu Bogdan; Best Style: Stoian Radu;

Best Trick: Moise Valentin with a disaster fullcab truespin acid





gravity park east coast rolling 2011