Climbing Contest

Saturday, 9th of July 2011

This weekend there's a climbing contest in Gravity Park ! So, be at the climbing tower at 16.00 to register ! First place will win 3 days of climbing free of charge, second place will get 2 and third place one day.There will also be a special prize for the "Best Babe", who will get 1 free climbing day.

The contest will be held on the easy climbing route and it will consist in speed climbing. The climbers will have 3 tries, at the end of which the best time will be taken into consideration.

Event organised by Gravity Park Constanta.

The winners of the amateur climbing contest are :

1st Place : Saven Romeo - 28.50 sec

2nd Place : Secu Florian - 37.50 sec

3rd Place : Casuneanu Alexandru - 38.16 sec

Best Babe : Crudu Roxana

Congratulations to everyone !




gravity park climbing contest 2011