Welcome to the official website of the Gravity Park sports complex !

Come and visit us in Constanta, on the Tabacarie Lake shore, next to City Park Mall. Here you can have fun with your friends and family in an extreme atmosphere !

Gravity Park is the biggest extreme sports center in Romania. Its approximately 8500 sqm surface is separated in 4 extreme sports areas for the following activities: rollerblading, skateboarding, BMX, MTB, speed climbing, bouldering, trial, dirt jump and scooter. 

Placed on the Tabacarie Lake shore, next to City Park Mall, Gravity Park has become a popular place among young people and extreme sports lovers in Constanta. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced when it comes to extreme sports, or you just want to enjoy the view, Gravity Park is the perfect place for you. 

Visitors can benefit from services such as renting sports equipment, climbing courses, spectator stands, professional sound equipment, toilets, showers and locker rooms.

The official opening took place on 24 May 2008 with an extreme show featuring the best sportsmen in Romania. Apart from the rollerblading, skateboarding, trial, dirt jump and speed climbing demonstrations, a Best Trick contest took place with a total of 3000 euro in prizes. Since then, competitions of this kind take place every year.


1. Is the entrance free of charge ? Yes, it is. 

2. Do I need my parents' approval ? If you are under 18-years-old, you need your parents' approval. They have to fill in a standard entry form and acknowledge the park's regulations about which you can read here.

3. Can anyone enter the extreme sports areas ? Anyone who has the necessary sports equipment and an access card can enter the extreme sports areas. Also, wearing a helmet is mandatory.

4. How can I get an access card ? If you are over 18-years-old, you must fill in an entry form and you will receive an access card. If you aren't 18 yet, your parents must give their approval.

5. What equipment can I rent in Gravity Park ? You can rent protective gear ( helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards ) and all the necessary climbing equipment ( rope, harness, belaying device, climbing shoes, carabiners ).

6. Can I bring my own helmet or climbing equipment ? Yes. However, before you are allowed to climb on the tower your equipment must be verified by the Gravity Park climbing instructor.

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